Company Background Our Vision

Futurelogic Corporation is a system provider for companies engaged in the retail, food service and hospitality industry. To date, we are on our 16th year and very much confident about the future.

Believing in the power of numbers and cooperation, we have built and kept alliances with the leading software and hardware companies, both local and global, to keep us abreast with the demands of time.

FutureLogic Corporation shall be the leader in the automation industry offering a wide range of techonology that meets the demands of the market.

People To Back You Up

Sales pitch savvy ? Some of us are. Technical skills are a given. We have them,too.

But we don't simply ask our clients to buy our products, we treat their businesses like ours, too. We believe in the idea that service is at its best when we are able to keep the need for it at a minimum, thus maximizing the effeciency of day-to-day operation with the aid of technology.