Type Solution Brief Description Peripheral
POS AMC POS Portal POS with Cloud based Back and Head Office Type(Subtype) Model Brief Description
POS Raptor POS Food and Beverage / Hospitality Cash Drawer PCD 354 4-bill,8-coin,2-slip slots; RS232/RJ11 printer interface
POS Quasar Retail POS with Accounting PCD 426 4/5-bill,8-coin,1-slip slot/s; RS232/RJj11 printer interface
POS Isys Retail POS Keyboard PK020 20-key,non or programmable,keyboard or rs232 or usb interfac,optional MCR
TMS COIN Descripion PK065/078 65/78-key layout, programmable,keyboard wedge, optional MCR
Monitor Touch PPD 1500 Display Size:17" 15" 12.1"; waterspill-proof,optional MCR
POS Terminal Model Brief Description LED AOC **Click AOC for individual model specification
HP RP7 7800 Intel Celeron/Pentium/I3/I5,max 16GB RAM, 15"/17" touch Samsung 18.5"; resolution 1366 x 768 ; aspect ratio 16:9
Protech POS 6920 Dual Core Atom, up to 4 GB RAM, 15" touch screen Peripheral Dock Tysso PDP Series
POS 6970 Celeron /Pentium/I3, up to 4GB RAM,15" touch screen Printer Barcode Lukhan LKB20 graphic printing at 152mm/sec; varied font types & barcodes;Paper width 18-118mm
BPC 8072 Intel Celeron /Core2 Duo/Core2 Quad, up to 4GB RAM, pc type Label TSC TDP225 speed: 2,3,4,5 ips ; 1d/2d barcode; max width 54mm
Zebra GC420 4"/102mm per sec; 1d/2d barcode; print width 4.09"/104 mm
Cash Register Model Brief Description Receipt TMT81F Fiscal,2-color,enhanced graphics capability, increased barcodes fonts interface:fiscal module dependent
BMC BMC2010s 9999 PLUs, table management, connection to scanner, kitchen printer TMT88IV Thermal,2-color,enhanced graphics capability, increased barcodes fonts interfaces:parallel,USB,wireless
PS2000TL+/EL+ 25,000 PLUs, thermal printer,80-key conventional keyboard + 173 matrix flat keyboard TMU220 Impact, 2-color, drop-in-paper load,selectable autocutter, interfaces:parallel,USB,wireless
Uniwell Ex 560/575/570 2026 PLUs (opt:max 56076) , both for retail and hospitality with table management,split bill,etc